Comprehensive 2 week Intestinal Detox Program

Comprehensive 2 week Intestinal Detox Program

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Two week Intestinal Detoxification Program



  • Take 1 serve of Eden Superfood formula in the morning and continue to do this every day until the tub is empty.
  • Take 1 serve of IDF#1 with your evening meal and increase by 1 capsule every day until you have 2-4 bowel movements a day.
  • Keep increasing IDF#1 by 1 capsule a day until you have noticed an increase in your bowel movements and have achieved the desired result.


  • Once your bowels are moving 2-4 times a day you may start to take IDF#2, 5-6 heaped teaspoons a day outside of meals.
  • Use a little water or juice in a jar with 1 serve of IDF#2, close lid, shake vigorously and drink immediately.
  • Follow each serve of IDF#2 with a glass of water.
  • Once the tub of IDF#2 is finished, you may stop using IDF#1 also and start taking 25Alive. Also continue taking Eden Superfood formula.
  • If you are feeling a little bound up or constipated while taking IDF#2 you may increase the serves of IDF#1 to keep your bowels moving 2-4 times a day.
  • Try to drink only pure water, fresh juices and herbal teas during the detox, 2-4 litres a day. Do not eat any refined foods, processed foods, animal products or by-products. Do some exercise every day, brisk walking is fine. Shopping is not exercise.
  • Eden detox kit

For any questions or queries please contact the Master Herbalists at Eden Healthfoods.

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