Guayusa Lucid Dreaming Tea 50g

Guayusa Lucid Dreaming Tea 50g

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Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is the Amazonian cousin of yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis), both being mildly stimulating rainforest holly trees. While guayusa provides similar energy and health benefits as maté, it has a very different taste that is silky and clean with a sweet finish. Guayusa contains 15 essential amino acids and ferulic acid, which can help improve blood circulation, as well as twice the antioxidants as green tea.

Traditionally, indigenous Kichwa families in the Ecuadorian Amazon wake up before dawn and gather around a communal fire to drink gourds of stimulating guayusa tea. During this early-morning ritual, community members share dreams, myths, and legends. Several myths recount how the guayusa plant taught human beings how to dream, and throughout the morning shamans interpret dreams from the previous night. Hunters also drink guayusa before nighttime hunting trips in order to heighten their senses of awareness and focus. Drinking guayusa enables them to get more in touch with the surrounding environment, allowing them to hunt safely in the jungle. For this reason guayusa is known as The Night Watchman.

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