Reproductive Support

Reproductive Support

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Herbal Recovery is an excellently crafted, effective range of herbal blend tinctures that support recovery from addiction and overworked body systems.
Reproductive Support, Indications: 
PMS, mood swings, painful periods, endometriosis, recovery from the contraceptive pill, hormonal related depression, scanty periods.

Ingredients and actions:
Chaste Tree - Balances Pituitary and generates systemic hormonal balance
Dang Gui (Dong Quai, Angelica) -  Generates strength and ''nourishes blood and chi''
Peony - Prevents endometrial stagnation
Bupleurum - harmonises the liver and calms the nervous system
Myrrh - gently tones the uterus and resolves candidiasis

Dosage: 5-10 drops with 200ml water every 1-2 hours. Ideal daily consumption <100 drops.  The 200ml of water with each dose is important to maintain hydration and should not be skipped. Neither should it be significantly increased without considering the overall daily fluid intake and the relative burden on the kidneys. 

This product has gone past it's best before date, but the herbs are still active and it is completely fine to use.

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