Sea Minerals Cellfix 50ml

Sea Minerals Cellfix 50ml

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Monoatomic Marine Minerals are sourced from pristine, pure, clean sea water off the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Also known as ORMEs or ORMUS, these minerals are at the cutting edge of mineral health science today. These powerful super-conductive minerals are only collected before a full-moon on an incoming tide as the waters flow over the vast kelp beds that also flourish from these minerals.

The unique restorative properties of these minerals make them ideal for use in natural skincare. Trace minerals and ORMUS minerals are vital for our good health and are essential to the nutrition of humans, animals and plants.  Over thousands of years our soils have become mineral-depleted, so our food is often lacking. We harvest/extract these important minerals directly from the sea and prepare them carefully in the beautiful mid-north coastal town of Bellingen, in a highly alkaline, available form, for you.

Sea-Cellfix is an effective cream for use with scars, warts, tinea, cuts, abrasions and skin conditions. It contains concentrated monoatomic marine minerals, micronized zeolite, tamanu oil, and lime essential oil.

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