Vaping Liquid - Happy Herb Gem Series Vaping Tonics E-Liquid

Vaping Liquid - Happy Herb Gem Series Vaping Tonics E-Liquid

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The Happy Herb Company's very own super-delicious range of vaping liquids! 

To use this product you will need vaping hardware like our Vapour Vibe V2 Starter Kit

These E-Liquids now come with an easy to dispense dropper lip!
Amethyst - Clary Sage* & Nutmeg
Emerald - Basil
Topaz - Orange
Ruby - Cardamon & Licorice

*Clary Sage is considered an emmenagogue, which stimulates the muscles of the uterus to contract and could induce a miscarriage if used by women in pregnancy. The risk of miscarrying by smoking a tiny amount of Clary Sage in a vapour tonic is really quite small, nonetheless it is ALWAYS best to be safe, so if you are pregnant, avoid Clary Sage. The Happy Herb Company advises women not to use vaping tonics when pregnant as a precaution, as no studies have been done on the safety of vaping during pregnancy.

Be safe and be happy!

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